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Lymphatic Drainage/Plastic Surgery


Post Operative Lymphatic Massage Protocol


In the attempt to create optimal results for our patients, we have created a post operative massage protocol. There are many benefits to the lymphatic massages such as the following:

  • Create smoothness of skin
  • Drain operative fluid
  • Reduce swelling & bruising


Patients do inquire as to specifics of what the post operative lymphatic massage entails and what is the massage intended to do so that once they travel back home, they can continue obtaining adequate massages. Therefore, below is a description of what the purpose is and how it should be performed.

After the surgery has occurred, the massages should be deep tissued with a lot of pressure being applied in the areas that have been liposuctioned. The area where fat has been transferred should NOT be massaged at all. In addition to deep tissue, lymphatic drainage should be done in conjunction. Both techniques are done together in order to remove any fluid that can or has accumulated inside the tissues. You will see increase fluid discharge in drains.  

Patient should use a heating pad at medium level for two weeks after surgery. It should be applied directly on to skin for approximately one hour on areas that have been liposuctioned. Following three days after surgery, you should do basic stretch poses to increase blood flow and flexibility; this will alleviate tightened muscles and increase bodily fluid drainage.

Post operative massages should be done two to three times per week for approximately 5 weeks. More massages may be necessary depending on skin type and healing.

                                                                                    Elite Plastic Surgery Staff

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